Understanding fire behavior and fire suppression theory.

This is an online course aimed to increase the participants understanding of fire behavior and fire suppression in buildings.

Online course.

The course delivers a large amount of information in a slow process. The slower pace will increase retention and allow parallel studies from other sources to deepen the understanding. It will expose the participants to the depth of fire behavior and fire suppression knowledge. Going above and beyond most existing courses.

During the course you will also be presented with alternating viewpoints on topics. The participants will be challenged to look at the different perspectives and form their own conclusion.

Study when you want, where you want.

The course content is delivered in videos which the participant can watch when it suits them best. But the lectures sometimes ends with an exercise that the participant has to complete within a specified time frame. That time is usually several weeks. The exercise could be to conduct a small training occasion with your department, shift or any other context that fits. Being a teacher is one of the best ways to learn a topic.


Short information about the course:

When will the course run?
The course starts whenever it suits you and the content will be accessible for at least 1 year after course starts.
There are no fixed times during the course.

Flexibility to study?
Do you have other planned activities some weeks? No problem, the course is designed so that it fits most situations.

Where is the course held?
Everything is conducted online.

What is the goal of the course?
To develop the understanding of fire behavior and fire suppression theory.

What does the course cost?
Price per participant: 500 euros.

What topics will be covered during the course?

  • Fire dynamics.
  • Compartment fire behavior.
  • Flowpaths / airtracks.
  • Horizontal and vertical natural ventilation.
  • PPV – Positive pressure ventilation.
  • Fire suppression agents.
  • Fire suppression methods.

Course content.

The course focuses mainly on core understanding of the physics and chemistry that governs the behavior of fire and fire suppression medias. But the concepts are taught with a clear focus on what a firefighter or officer needs, avoiding the calculations and depth required by researchers.

With a solid understanding of the physics and chemistry involved, the participant will be guided through when these concepts are put in reality. In the real world the concepts are blended with each other and the outcomes are rarely 100 % predictable. It is for instance always neccessary to blend the results from multiple studies and research papers to form a good conclusion.

During the course, real videos from incidents will be used to frame a certain concept. The participants will be challenged to apply the concept and suggest how the concept affects the outcome of the incident. The participants will also be required to perform some simple but important teaching moments. Being a teacher is among the best ways to learn a certain topic.

A better understanding of these concepts should lead to the participant being able to make better decisions, both on the fireground but also in preparing for incidents. Purchasing the right equipment, writing good procedures and guidelines, planning training etc are all influenced by the understanding of fire and suppression.


Small scale wood models will be used in the course as exercises for the participants to run at home.

Small scale exercises are excellent to view and play with the physics and chemistry of firefighting. During the course you will be exposed to and challenged to play with small simple experiments and models.