Live fire training facilities

Training buildings with a focus on creating good triggers.

I have trained firefighters around the world and I have seen most types of training facilities that exist. But I have also seen the wrong behaviors created when the training environment fails to reflect reality.

This experience gives me a possibility and a belief that I can design better facilities to train firefighting.

Automatic wood smoke generator.

Good smoke is very important for training. It is needed to create good visual triggers for behaviors and for the ability to assess the smoke conditions.

My wood smoke generator creates high quality smoke for training, with no instructor input needed during training.

The produced smoke can be varied from flammable to not flammable depending on the needs of the training.

Live fire small scale models that last a long time.

Using models is a must to run effective and efficient firefighting training. Models are often better for showing visual triggers compared to full scale training.

And with models it is possible to experiment with actions and outcomes for fun interactive learning.

But wood models may be expensive and time consuming to build. By using reusable models it is possible to train more often, longer and repeatable at a lower cost.

Water cleaning.

Water used in training or at real incidents will be more or less contaminated with dangerous substances. By collecting this water for cleaning the impact on health and environment will be reduced. If water based smoke cleaning is used it will also produce contaminated water that requires cleaning.

With a partner I can offer water cleaning solutions that can clean everything from large gravel down to small PAH and PFAS particles with low operating costs.

Smoke cleaning

Smoke from fire training may cause problems in the area and may need cleaning to avoid complaints and address health concerns.

Together with a partner I am able to offer what I consider to be the best smoke cleaning solution with low operating costs.