Videos and powerpoints for firefighting training

Enhance your teaching.

I know how hard it is to teach firefighting to someone. But you can show it better with my videos and graphics.

Digital materials like videos and powerpoints to be used in training of fire instructors, fire officer and firefighters for firefighting in buildings.

Right now only available in Swedish.

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Yes, you are free to change the training materials as you need to make them fit your department.

You will receive a link where you can download all the files.

The materials are usually very big with several GB of data.

No, the cost is a one time fee for life time use.

Yes, it is possible.

The training materials I make are primarily intended to be used by public fire departments.

But, if you are a private training company and you would like to use and promote my materials you can do so.

Please contact me and let me know how you can get my ideas and content out to more firefighters.

No. You cannot give or sell the materials to any person or organization after purchase.

I try to sell these training materials cheap so that every firefighter can access good training materials.

The materials consists of Microsoft Powerpoints with videos inserted into the presentations.

The powerpoints are also recorded into narrated videos with me as the instructor. The videos are rendered into .MP4 videos.

The cost for each training material package is based upon the number of operational members in your department. So the specified cost is per operational member or staff.

The smaller your department is, the cheaper the content is. Everyone should be able to afford good training materials.

The cost is a one time fee for life time use.


Small updates will be for free but big overhauls may be sold as a new package.

I make no promises how often a package is updated as it is based on the time I have.

Yes, but no.

Right now, the admin is simply too high for me to deal with individuals. I would need to increase the cost for the content to cover that admin, which is not something I want to do.

I may arrange a way for individuals to purchase the content also, but I do not know when.

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Yes, you may get them for free.

Please make your case to me for why you cannot pay for them, and you may get them for free.

Every firefighter deserve good training materials.