In this conversation I have the great pleasure of talking to a fire research legend.

Dr Q has been a vital part for us to understand how fires in compartments develop and making us safer and more effective doing firefighting.

He is also a phenomenal fire science educator and I have stolen many ideas on how to convey science topics to firefighters from him. Enjoy!


  • J. G. Quintiere BSME NJIT 1962, MS and PhD NYU 1966,70.
  • NIST (NBS) fire program 1971- 90.
  • Prof. Fire Protection, UMCP 1990-2012.
  • Professor Emeritus University of Maryland, College Park since 2012.

Since then, has been doing research on Li-ion battery runaway and on burning on microgravity.

Has published two books on fire behavior, and another with Bjorn Karlsson et al. Also published over 150 articles and 50 reports dealing with fire.

He has taught fie behavior courses to fire investigators and has been involved in notable fire investigations including the Dupont Plaza PR, Branch Davidian fire Waco TX, 1st Interstate Bank LA, Meridian Plaza Phil, Waldbaum supermarket Brooklyn NY, WTC, and the missing 43 Mexican students.

More recently, he is living along the beach in New Jersey and observing world developments.

This is the truth, or maybe not.​

This conversation might not always be accurate. I am no guru and sometimes simple mistakes are made, especially if English isn’t a person’s first language. It’s just our chat – nothing more or less. Have fun!

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